Work for the Dole Programs

Paradise Community Care has recently become an approved, through Job Prospects to provide Work for the Dole Programs for 60 participants. The purpose of the Work for the Dole Activity, being run and managed by Paradise Community Care is to provide young people and the long term unemployed the opportunity to participate in a range of tasks, and gain experience in a range of activities.

Each participant will engage in a combination of the following programs;

  • Community Garden
  • Herb Garden
  • Archiving of records, developing the policy / process and register
  • Digitilisation of client, employee and volunteer files
  • Community Carwash
  • Café

Each of the participants will have the opportunity to experience a range of different skills through a number of group based activities.

The primary objective of our Work for the Dole Activity is to provide young people and the long term unemployed with opportunities to improve their feeling of self worth and self esteem, through practical and real world experiences, which are based around developing and implementing clerical based systems to improve the structure and function of an organisation, as well as constructing, and maintaining community based gardens.

For further information please contact: Paradise Community Care